Popular Holdings Limited is one of the leading publishing companies in Hong Kong. We work with Popular and develop EduSmart Mobile platform including iPhone, Android application with content management system (CMS) in order to facilitate our client. We also apply various technologies in the mobile application in hopes of providing the best user experience(UX) to end users.

User - friendly interface

To provide the best UX for the end-users, which most likely are parents, our team designs the UI from a parent’s perspective and perfectly integrates with Popular’s company theme.

Instant messaging

End-users can easily approach to staff via the Instant messaging(IM) function provided in the mobile application. With this feature, parents can easily communicate with staff/teachers and know how their child performs in the classroom.

eCoupons and point systems

By using the content management system, Popular can easily establish and distribute eCoupons and digital points. It is a much more cost-effective way comparing with the traditional paper coupon. Also, end-users can redeem and transfer their eCoupons and points by using the mobile application with just simple steps.